PPGI Sheets

Our PPGI Sheets are available in a wide range of vibrant, consistent color choices that will meet your design and decorating needs. Whether it's for building exteriors, roofs, or other applications, we have the right color for you!

PPGI Sheets stands for Pre-Painted Galvanized Sheets. It is a type of galvanized iron sheet that has been pre-painted with a color coating and is commonly used in construction, manufacturing, and decorative applications.

Benefits: PPGI Sheets offer the corrosion resistance of galvanized steel with a wide range of color options to meet the design needs of different projects. They are lightweight, strong, and easy to fabricate and install.

Uses: PPGI Sheets are widely used in building facades, roofs, interior partitions, and door and window frames. They are also commonly used in decorative and interior design projects due to their aesthetics and versatility.

Versatility: Due to the fabrication process of pre-coated colored steel sheets, different colors, textures, and coating types can be customized to meet the design needs of various projects.

Care and Maintenance: PPGI Sheets' coatings increase the durability and weatherability of the steel sheet, thereby reducing maintenance. However, proper maintenance is still key to maintaining appearance and performance.

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