China becomes net importer of stainless steel in 2022

China's stainless steel imports of 383,600 tons hit a record high, mainly due to the substantial increase in imports of stainless steel from Indonesia.

China's stainless steel imports of 383,600 tons hit a record high, mainly due to the substantial increase in imports of stainless steel from Indonesia.

[Macro News]

1. China has become a net importer of stainless steel.

From January to February 2022, a total of 704,900 tons were imported, an increase of 3.73 times over the same period last year! Among them, the domestic import volume of stainless steel was 383,600 tons in January, and the monthly import volume reached a record high, mainly due to the significant increase in the import volume of stainless steel from Indonesia. According to the collation of customs data, a total of 618,300 tons of stainless steel were imported from Indonesia from January to February 2022, an increase of 8.76 times year-on-year. Among them, a total of 207,500 tons were imported from Indonesia from January to February, an increase of nearly 170,000 tons over the same period last year. From January to February 2022, a total of 682,400 tons were exported, an increase of 54.38% over the same period last year. Due to the high import increment in February, China's stainless steel was converted from a net exporter to a net importer, and the net import volume in February reached 40,000 tons.

2. The 1.6 million-ton double-high-rod hot machine rolling production line project of Jianlong West Steel Company was put into operation.

Recently, Jianlong West Steel Company which was built in Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province, with the smooth rolling of the first steel, the 1.6 million-ton double-high-rod hot machine rolling production line project has successfully completed the hot-load test. It marks that this high-yielding, high-quality, high-efficiency, low-cost and intelligent production line with a first-class level in China has officially entered the test. This double-high-Rod project has built an intelligent combustion double heat storage stepping furnace, 28 high-stiffness rolling mills in five units, domestic high-speed steel system and other equipment, with a design production capacity of 1.6 million tons/year. The main products are Φ12mm ~ Φ16mm hot-rolled ribbed steel bars.

 [Futures Market Express]

London Nickel fell USD2,895 and closed at $31,380/ton. After opening low in the session, the market basically returned to the normal price. At present, the main force has not taken obvious action. In the short term, it pays attention to the operation of the range of $25,000-30,000. The fundamentals is still strong, but there is a need for further adjustment on the market. In the short-term market, the adjustment range may be large, and pay attention to the risks.

Stainless steel sheets and stainless steel coils rose 480RMB and closed at 20,340 RMB/ton. The strong trend of London Nickel has driven the rebound of stainless steel. At present, the raw material resources of stainless steel are tight, and the price of raw materials is relatively high, which has a certain cost support for stainless steel. However, the high prices in the spot market are not smooth, the orders of steel mills are few, and the short-term market are divided. Pay attention to risk operation!

 [Foshan Market]

In terms of 304 series, decorative metal sheets are widely use in various decoration area, polished stainless steel with mirror color is becoming more and more popular. Polished stainless steel can be used for decoration of hall wall panels, ceilings, interior and exterior decoration, kitchen cabinet panels, elevator panels, car box panels, architectural decoration, signboards, etc. Polished stainless steel sheet, especially PVD color coating mirror stainless steel sheet is one of our popular decorative stainless steel sheet series. But merchants slightly raised the spot price in the morning on March 22nd. According to the market feedback, steel traders mostly press the downstream order to pick up the goods at a high price, and the stock supply has decreased compared with the previous period. At this stage, the downstream order acceptance situation is relatively flat, the demand for the finished product side is declining, and it is difficult for the market to take goods. In the afternoon, the spot price continued to pull back by 100 RMB/ton. Due to the current export supply situation of hot rolling, its spot price is relatively strong, and the price of cold and hot rolling is upside down. However, under the weakening of both London Nickel and Shanghai Nickel, the stainless steel futures market is difficult to support, which restricts market transactions to a certain extent.

In terms of 201 stainless steel sheet, such as the embossed stainless steel sheet , also called checker plate, diamond Plate, is rolled and formed by advanced complete sets of fully automatic production equipment. It has various styles, strong three-dimensional effect. It has excellent characteristics of anti-rust, no cracking, no scratching, no leakage and easy cleaning. The embossed stainless steel sheet is ideal for elevator and cabinet panels. Now the spot price is weak, and the shipment has arrived in the port one after another. The transaction is relatively flat. With the lifting of logistics control in the epidemic area in the province, some traders are optimistic about the demand of downstream buyers, but the market has not been able to quickly put into trading in the early stage of unblocking. Some traders expect that the transaction may be improved in the second half of this week.

In terms of 430 stainless steel sheet and stainless steel coil, the spot price is temporarily stable, and merchants mostly make offers according to the market price of steel mills. The price is strong and the inquiry has small concessions according to the actual situation, but the actual procurement is still cautious.

Under the influence of the continuous decline of London Nickel, the market wait-and-see sentiment is strong, but we Foshan Shinning Star Metal Materials Co.,Ltd one of China's leading stainless steel sheet, stainless steel profile manufacturers, and suppliers, we offer a wide range of products in bulk to all our customers. Our ranges of products include: mirror finished stainless steel, stainless steel tile trim, stainless steel profile, etched stainless steel, color stainless steel and many more. Apart from this, these products are offered to the clients at very reasonable prices. Our shipments continue to be stable. It is expected that as supply and demand may return to a reasonable range in the future, our order transactions for 201 stainless steel sheet and 304 stainless steel sheet will increase steadily.

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On the 23rd, Chencun Emergency Management Office issued a notice on the shutdown and rectification of the steel industry. Early in the morning, all village neighborhood committees and town industrial parks organized enterprises to watch safe production videos and find out the problems and hidden dangers, and pointed out

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