Stainless steel in the elevator

Whenever we take the elevator, as long as you are careful, you will find that the elevator is decorated with stainless steel plates. Some elevator body plates give people a mirror-like feeling, while others have patterns, giving people a beautiful visual experience.

Whenever we take the elevator, as long as you are careful, you will find that the elevator is decorated with stainless steel plates. Some elevator body plates give people a mirror-like feeling, while others have patterns, giving people a beautiful visual experience.

So, do you know why the elevator uses stainless steel? One of the important reasons is that stainless steel materials are cost-effective and practical! Another reason is to understand a principle called the "plane mirror imaging principle". That is, when you choose to use mirror finish stainless steel in the elevator, due to the role of the "plane mirror imaging principle", when people see the "self" in the mirror, they will visually feel that the distance between themselves and the "self" in the mirror will be longer. The space in the elevator is so narrow that it is not so cramped under this visual effect. Under this condition, the designer will use a polished stainless steel sheet with color (electroplating process) and pattern (etching process) for beauty, which can not only maintain the beauty of the elevator, but also take into account the experience of each passenger, and also take into account the cost of elevator materials, which can be said to kill three birds with one stone. This can explain why most of the materials used in elevators are stainless steel.

Mirror polished stainless steel has popularized in the elevator industry, and color stainless steel sheets are more and more widely used in the elevator sheet industry! Today, I would like to share with you those things about the application of stainless steel in the elevator industry!

Mirror stainless steel sheet

The benefits of using a mirror are obvious, but the mirror is fragile, otherwise it will hurt people, resulting in high maintenance costs. In the end, there is nothing we can do. The designer switched to bright polished stainless steel, which is very useful and soon became popular. Relatively speaking, polished stainless steel sheet price is not expensive and practical, and cost-effective! And it is easy to clean, strong and has a long service life. And for beauty, some will use colored polish stainless steel to mirror finish with electroplating technology, and patterned polished stainless steel with etching technology, which look beautiful and gorgeous.

The principle of making mirror finish stainless steel sheet is to polish the raw materials of the stainless steel plate on the surface with abrasive liquid through polishing equipment, so as to make the surface of the stainless steel plate more flat and the brightness as clear as a mirror.

The polished inox is highly decorated in stainless steel, and the processing process is more complicated than brushed hairline. It adopts mechanical polishing on the surface of the original plate to make the surface flat and the same luminosity as the mirror surface. It can be divided into two parts: polishing and luminescence. Grinding is divided into three processes: coarse grinding, semi-precision grinding and fine grinding. Lighting is divided into two processes: waxing and brightening. The whole process can be summarized as coarse grinding → semi-precision grinding → fine grinding → waxing → brightness.

Stainless steel checker plate

At present, many developers will give priority to stainless steel checker plates when choosing elevator decorative sheets. It can not only meet the needs of the elevator plate in material and size, but also has its own unique beautification value in decoration. 

The stainless steel checker plate also called embossed stainless steel sheet is embossed on the stainless steel plate through mechanical equipment, so that the surface of the plate has a concave and convex pattern. Its main advantages: easy on the eyes, durable, wear-resistant and decorative. There are a variety of patterns, such as check design/ diamond patterns/ ice patterns/ elliptical patterns/ cube patterns/ woven bamboo patterns/ free lines / stone patterns, etc. Embossed steel sheet can be single diamond-shaped, lentil-shaped or round bean-shaped, or can be properly combined into composite pattern plates with two or more patterns. The embossed stainless steel mainly plays the role of skid prevention and decoration. The combined pattern plate is obviously superior to the single pattern plate in anti-slip ability, anti-bending ability, metal saving and appearance.

Etched stainless steel sheet

When it comes to the decoration beautification effect, the best effect is etched stainless steel plaque, but its production process is relatively the most complex. In architectural decoration, etching stainless steel sheet is widely used. Especially in the selection of elevator sheets, mirror panels are generally used as elevator floors, and then patterns are processed according to needs, so that the overall effect produces a three-dimensional sense, thus reflecting its unique beautification value.

Etched stainless steel corrode various patterns through chemical methods on the surface of stainless steel. With 8K mirror sheet, hairline sheet and sandblasting sheet as the base plate, the surface of the object is deeply processed. The stainless etching sheet can be treated with partial brushed vibration, hairline, gold inlay, partial titanium and other complex processes to achieve the effect of light and dark patterns and gorgeous colors.

The first application of ss etching sheet in elevators is mainly used in the decorative panels of elevator hall doors. The surface is generally mirror etching, partial brushing, partial spiral, etc. The color etching stainless steel is generally gold and rose gold. The etched patterns can be customized. Most of the patterns are patchwork, and the material is generally etching stainless steel 304. Second, it is applied to the decorative panels of elevator cars. The etching pattern is generally symmetrical, mostly used with the decorative panels of the hall.

Application of stainless steel in elevators

Stainless steel is mainly used in elevator car decoration, ceilings, sedan doors and hall doors, door covers, elevator floor displayers and operating panels and handrails, etc.. It is also used in the skirt boards and inner and outer cover plates of escalators, stairs, entrance and exit end covers and escalator exterior decoration.

Among them, 304 polish stainless steel is the largest used in the elevator. 316 brushed polished stainless steel is mainly used by the seaside, high-corrosion occasions and heavy-duty escalators, 430 stainless steel is used in general occasions and cascades, and 443 can partially replace 304 stainless steel in some specific cases.

With the maturity of stainless steel surface processing technology, decorative stainless steel sheets will shine in the application of elevators.

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