Stainless steel tile trims impress the space with details

It has been a very popular decorative material in the past two years. It can be used in every space of the house and is also very environmentally friendly. There are many color choices. This material is stainless steel trim.

It has been a very popular decorative material in the past two years. It can be used in every space of the house and is also very environmentally friendly. There are many color choices. This material is stainless steel trim.

 Stainless steel trims are bent metal material sheets into decorative strips. Their cross-section frames have a variety of shapes, such as stainless steel L shaped trim or stainless steel angle trim, stainless steel T bar trim, stainless steel U channel trim and stainless steel special shaped trim, etc. Stainless steel trim profiles are strong and durable and beautiful in appearance. They are widely used in home decoration, hotel decoration, door and window edges, ceiling, background wall edges, elevator edges and other decoration places.

Stainless steel trim strips

Stainless steel trim strips are not only a good edge sealing material, but also a finishing touching decorative material. It is often used as internal and outer corner wireframe, waist wire frame, embedded wire frame, edge wrapping strip and other applications for interior decoration. It has high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties. Stainless steel tile edge trim has rich designs, it can be made into various shapes to meet the needs of different locations.

Stainless steel tile corner trim is generally suitable for closing the internal and external angles of indoor walls. Stainless steel floor transition strip is used for closing up with high and low differences in indoor floors. For example, there is a high and low ground at the intersection of bedroom and living room, and stainless steel floor strips are used for transition. Stainless steel flat strip is suitable for closing between the gaps left when laying large-scale floors. Stainless steel skirting also accounts for a considerable proportion of home beauty. Stainless steel baseboards can better combine the wall and the ground firmly, reduce wall deformation, and avoid damage caused by external force collision. There are also stainless steel counter edge trim that are mostly used in kitchen countertops and cabinet edges, which are waterproof and bumpy. Stainless steel decorative strips are really practical and beautiful.

Stainless steel corner trims have 201, 304 and other model specifications, as well as with the color of silver, rose gold, champagne, black, golden, sapphire blue, bronze and other different colors. The selection of color tones is rich and diverse, and its metal texture will greatly increase the decoration effect.

The stainless steel decorative profile has a certain luster, which can beautify the space, decorate the furniture, and create an advanced and textured visual effect. Light luxury style, new Chinese style and modern style can use metal profiles to flexibly shuttle between space walls, top ceilings and door frames, which are used to decorate and protect the overall decoration effect and it is fashionable and versatile.

Brushed stainless steel tile trim

As a modern and colorful architectural curtain wall form, stainless steel decorative strips have been more and more widely popularized in the architectural curtain wall industry, and have gradually become the main material for the development of modern metal curtain walls.  Brushed stainless steel tile trim is the common type of material for decorating the walls. The colored stainless steel decorative strip wall gives people a visual enjoyment.

Decorative trim elements are also the embodiment of the unique temperament of the new Chinese decoration. It is fashionable and tidy not only on the background wall, but also on the ceiling. Metal decorative profiles are used on the ceiling of the inner ring, together with the light of the line lamps, which makes the whole space more layered, and making the layers of light seem to flow.

In addition to the decoration of the suspended ceiling, because of its smooth surface, glass glue and marble glue, etc. can be used in combination with ceramic tiles, plates, marble, glass and other materials, so it has a very wide range of applications.


Color stainless steel trim strips have excellent processing

Color stainless steel trim strips have excellent processing performance, diversified colors and good safety. They can fully adapt to the design of various complex shapes, and can process various types of curves and lines, giving architects huge space to play. Stainless steel decorative profiles are really all-purpose and versatile materials. Although stainless steel trims have always been supporting roles in decoration, they are the essence of modeling, which instantly improves the quality of decoration, which can be said to making the finishing point.

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