What is black titanium stainless steel?

In recent years, a kind of black inox color has been widely used in the decoration industry. This kind of stainless steel is called black titanium stainless steel in the industry.

In recent years, a kind of black inox color has been widely used in the decoration industry. This kind of stainless steel is called black titanium stainless steel in the industry.

Generally, it is based on the 8K mirror sheet, hairline sheet or the brushed sheet as the base, and then colored through water plating or vacuum titanium plating technology to make the surface of the stainless steel plate black. Generally speaking, the water plated black is more gorgeous, and the electroplated black is prefer to gray.

What is black titanium stainless steel?

Black stainless steel vs stainless steel, black color stainless steel has stronger corrosion and abrasion resistance than ordinary stainless steel, and can resist salt spray corrosion for more than 10 years and ultraviolet light for more than 30 years. The integration of the main body and the coloring layer maintains the basic structure and performance of the original stainless steel plate, and can carry out conventional molding and stretch forming processing.

The black stainless steel surface has the advantages of bright color, bright tone, softness, elegance and strong finish. It is often used in hotels, clubhouses, interior decoration and other environments.

Common types mainly include: matte black titanium stainless steel, black brushed stainless steel, black hairline stainless steel, black mirror stainless steel, etc.

black stainless steel finish

Decorating the edges of the suspended ceiling with black stainless steel finish can make the whole living room simple, fashionable, beautiful, very textured and cost-effective. Among them, black brushed stainless steel is often used in home background walls, door covers and ceilings, hotels, KTVs, bars and leisure clubs. Also, black stainless steel appliances are increasingly common, such as the pans, spoons and cutters. This black stainless steel appliances in kitchen look high-end and popular with young people. There is an additional coloring process, so the price of black stainless steel plate will be slightly more expensive than ordinary plates. Black hairline stainless steel can also be treated through etching, sandblasting and other treatment technologies to make the stainless steel plate more layered.


Is there a black stainless steel

Is there a black stainless steel used for home decoration or can you polish black stainless steel? The answer is yes. Black titanium stainless steel can decorate not only the ceiling, but also the background wall. Black brushed stainless steel is often used in metal wire extension TV frames, background walls and other positions. It looks deep and high-end, not only with visual impact, but also quality details. The color of its metal frame and light reflects a gorgeous texture, and the clear border enhances the sense of space, which is simple and fashionable.

   Black stainless steel polish is used as space screens, porches, door covers, etc. The bright black stainless steel texture flows down from above, and the transparent and flowing sense of space perfectly interprets the essence of modern simplicity, making the space elegant, comfortable and textured.


Black stainless steel screens

Black stainless steel screens are emerging in hotel or home decoration. It has good mechanical properties and can produce various patterns. Due to the many advantages of stainless steel screen materials, this product is used and loved by many people in their lives. It can be placed in a conspicuous position in the interior space of the house. It plays the functions of isolation, beautification, windshield, coordination, etc. It combines practicality and appreciation, has collection value and exquisite decoration personality, and is a simple, modern and light luxury decoration style.

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